zondag 17 augustus 2008

Busy, busy

So we were very busy last days. We always have a to do list when Jeroen returns of his rotation. Instead of rushing the days before he returns to Gabon, we now decided to work on the list immediately. Now, I know why we always wait so long. One of the nice things to do was to go and visit my friend Margy and see the new baby, Ruben. I made him these cars (searched the whole internet to find some squeezes but found them eventually here)

Signing for post packages can be very exhausting. When the postman rang and I saw the sticker of the japanese giftmarket on the box, I almost ripped it out of his hands. I would love to say that I opened the box with a nice cup of tea but that would be lying, didn't have the patience.
Would you ?
The box from little red riding hood contains stamps, they are really cute. I also bought some bento (lunch) boxes from decole and cram cream for Annika.

A while ago I ordered some japanese crochet books from yesasia. Indeed, they are in japanese, obviously, but they have schemes so we, crochet lovers, can make this cute goodies to.
This is the book

And this is my first project from the book.

And my last project for now was a "tableau vivant" (or sort of).

Last year I purchased through ebay some magnetic paper for the printer. So I made Annika a magbetic board with magnets. Marieke Vermeulen has a lot of cute prints in her etsy store. I printed them on sticker paper and then sticked them on magnet paper (my printer didn't like the magnet paper), cut them out and voila.
Don' you love the mushrooms and the deers ?

vrijdag 8 augustus 2008

Scored in Breda

Wednesday, my kind of husband returned from Africa, where he works as a rotator.
So, in the afternoon we had a little party. He had also had his birthday while he was away, so double party with cake and presents. It is always difficult to find him a really nice gift because his greatest interest is about computers (I know zip about those things, I only know that they rarely do what you want them to do). So we got him a goodies box with all sorts of candy, his favourite drinks and so on. Annika had decorated the box and actually I was really taken with my idea.

But kind of husband decided on his rotation to lose a bit of weight and neglected to tell me so I have now a really great box with all sorts of yummy stuff.(of course I will share this with Annika, maybe :) )

Yesterday we went to Breda and I wanted to show you what I scored. I found this addressbook at V&D en this cute agenda. From now on I will make my appointments in style, not ?

zondag 3 augustus 2008

Lazy day

So we had a lazy day around the house today. Love it ! Annika watched cartoons from Dora and I finished some projects that were lying around.

This is my second stamp.

I also had to finish a sewing project. I start sewing lessons in september but I'm already messing around with my machine.

Annika loves it. I found the tutorial here

Finally, I put a little crocheted purse together. The pattern came from little miss two on ravelry. I thought they are very cute and my daughter always needs little purses for her "treasures" (being snails, acorns, and all kinds of things I really don't like). I convinced her that this one is for the more "girly" things (like a nice flower or a necklace, ...). We'll see.

zaterdag 2 augustus 2008

custom made stamp

Everyday I take a peak at this blog to see what's new in crafter's land. It's there I got the idea of making my own stamps. I got the tutorial here. I ordered supplies and I got started.

This is how the first turned out, not bad at all, I think.