zondag 3 augustus 2008

Lazy day

So we had a lazy day around the house today. Love it ! Annika watched cartoons from Dora and I finished some projects that were lying around.

This is my second stamp.

I also had to finish a sewing project. I start sewing lessons in september but I'm already messing around with my machine.

Annika loves it. I found the tutorial here

Finally, I put a little crocheted purse together. The pattern came from little miss two on ravelry. I thought they are very cute and my daughter always needs little purses for her "treasures" (being snails, acorns, and all kinds of things I really don't like). I convinced her that this one is for the more "girly" things (like a nice flower or a necklace, ...). We'll see.

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- zei

The stamps look great.