vrijdag 8 augustus 2008

Scored in Breda

Wednesday, my kind of husband returned from Africa, where he works as a rotator.
So, in the afternoon we had a little party. He had also had his birthday while he was away, so double party with cake and presents. It is always difficult to find him a really nice gift because his greatest interest is about computers (I know zip about those things, I only know that they rarely do what you want them to do). So we got him a goodies box with all sorts of candy, his favourite drinks and so on. Annika had decorated the box and actually I was really taken with my idea.

But kind of husband decided on his rotation to lose a bit of weight and neglected to tell me so I have now a really great box with all sorts of yummy stuff.(of course I will share this with Annika, maybe :) )

Yesterday we went to Breda and I wanted to show you what I scored. I found this addressbook at V&D en this cute agenda. From now on I will make my appointments in style, not ?

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