maandag 22 september 2008

Time flies

Well time flies indeed, long time since I've blogged.

We were very busy, some good things, other not so good.

We finally set a date. From 19 september 2009, you may call me mrs. Muskee (maybe i'll keep van Waes, not sure about that). My kind of husband will become my husband and it will the most expensive day of our live (and hopefully also a happy one :) ). The only thing I'm sure about at this moment is that i want a dessertbuffet, and preferably an extended one. Lots of things to do but that's for next year. We also need to go in "ondertrouw" and that's a bit of a problem. We are the kind of people that intend to forget something like this so i' ll have to make a note. If not, we'll have a big party next year instead of a wedding.

On the home front we have BUGS in the house. They are called "motmuggen" and they breed like hell. Since about two weeks i'm a "motmuggen"-expert. These are tiny little flies that just sit at walls and ceilings. Apparently they come out of the basement, the cellar under the house.
We rent this house and were not aware that we have moist issues so ... bummer !
So I've called in reinforcements. Last week, the exterminator came by and sprayed all the walls in the house and "gassed" the basement. And bwooh, they are not gone. They die after a day but during that time they fly around, not good and they keep breeding, even worse. The exterminator will come back to look for a solution.
My friend are very sympathic as i absolutely hate bugs, sometimes in a bit of a freaky way. So now, I'm almost ready to be admitted for a few weeks to a psychiatric ward, that would almost seem like vacation. I have bonded with my vacuum cleaner (don't now if that is healthy anymore).
My kind of husband is in Africa at this moment (the lucky bastard !) so I await his return (which will be next week)

I would like to point out a very nice site, a print a day. Take your time to stop by, she designes very cool stuff. And she has a lot of freebies under "weekend downloads" which I absolutely love.

Hopefully I can get some crafting done this week and show you some pictures.

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