dinsdag 30 september 2008

Who's the lucky bastard ?

Surely, I am ! This morning the postman rang to my door. He had a big box coming from japan. So it was a bit of christmas at my home. When I unpacked (which took a while), this came all out of the box.

Noriko, you are the best ! Thank you very much for all the stuff.
Well I'll explain: We all know that finding stuff from decole and cute japanese stuff is really hard to find in europe or you must be willing to pay many pounds in England.

So, when Noriko heard that I like this stuff so much, she offered to bring me some (a lot actually) from Japan. I needed to do a bit of crafting today but no such luck, had to reorganize the house for my new stuff.

The good news is that Noriko is setting up a webshop for us europeans so we can buy this cute things ourselves. Let you know when the shop is open for business. Meanwhile, you can visit her blog here.

She will also sell products from Alain Grée, which she already sells in japan, look here

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Margy zei

Ziet er allemaal geweldig uit Evelyn. Echt heel leuk.