zondag 15 februari 2009

What the heck happened ?

Hi guys,

I did not realize that it has been such a long time since I've blogged, shame on me !
What can I say ? Been busy but all of us are rather busy so that's no excuse.
So I'd better say nothing at all.

I've been tagged (had to look up what this means :) ) so that is a good reason to start blogging again. "Take the fourth picture out of your fourth map and tell something about this picture." So here it is:

The fourth map is my 2003 map and it has a lot of pictures about Annika since this is the year she was born. How sweet, innocent and quiet she was. Seeing this, I asked myself when the last time was, it was quiet. Have to say the time just before she started talking, so that 's a while ago.
Will have this time back when she is a teenager and spents hours in bed and not talking to me at all !

On the craft front, I have been rather busy. My sewing lessons are going great. I still crochet and found a new hobby, embroidery. Hop over to this blog and look at the very cute patterns Loly designed for us.

I leave you with a picture of a finished toy. Annika chose the color, so, of course, pink !

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