zondag 8 maart 2009

Quite weekend

So, as the title said we had a bit of a quiet weekend. Not a problem for me because look what arrived on friday !

I definetely want to make the cute bear pillow.
I also managed to do a bit of sewing. I finished the matryoshka stuffie (just need to stuff it and sew tight).

And I made a second wallet with zipper (do I hate those things !). You will see that I have to practice some more. This time I printed my own fabric. I bought through ebay some crafters canvas for the printer. The design came from a digital kit, sold by a print a day. This really nice woman has also several free cute downloads. So be sure to pay her a visit. I find both the kokeshikit and the matryoshkakit extremely cute (so I bought them both). I've used them to make keychains with creative plastic, magnets for our theme magnet board, stickers and appliques for sewing.

Digital kits for scrapbooking are a great source for very pretty designs and cute clipart. And as you see, they are not only limited to scrapbook.

See you later !

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