zaterdag 18 april 2009

Finally some sewing !

So, I have been busy but what's new ?

We are enjoying very good weather in Belgium, jippie ! So everybody's mood is rather bright and sunny.

Annika had school holidays but they end tomorrow, so on monday back to school.

So although she was home for two weeks, I managed to do a bit of crafting.

First let me explain: Generally, I'm all into what I call "lazy" crafts and activities. I discovered baking cookies is much fun. Especially when you can just buy a mix, add water and butter and voila, you're on a roll.

Luckely, I am not the only one. There is a whole market for people like me. Take this candies, we made ourselves.

I ordered the melts and molds from "Bake it pretty". You just need to warm them in the microwave, put them in a mold, tap a few times and you have the most delicious and prettiest candies. They taste like white chocolat. I took them with me when we went visiting a friend and she thought I was a master chef. So, that's my kind of cooking, obviously.

I also managed to do a bit of sewing. As many people know, I am a big kawaii fan. So I made some cushions, a little one and a bit larger. I used some digital scrapkits, I printed some background papers on fabric and this came out.

I don't do digital scrapbooking but we use it for printing on fabric, making stickers, friendly plastic, ironing on t-shirts, magnets. So again, lazy "art". Print and cut.
The prints on these cushions come from the very talented Miss tina . If you like kawaii and clipart, you should check her blog. Another favorite of mine is Nancy Kubo .
As you can see, I also made a pair of dolls, little one and his mummy. If you like to make one yourself, I purchased the pattern at "You Can Make" .
So that's all for now. Will be back later !

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