maandag 2 maart 2009

A new hobby

So, springbreak is over. Annika had a week's vacation and started school again today. So mummy, spent the day on coffee break. We had a great vacation with friends coming over and grandmother and grandfather visiting.

Well, now I can concentrate on my new hobby. Kind of husband always states that he lost count of how much hobbies I have. Well let's see. For several years I made jewelry.

I stopped that completely at this moment. Thus, I have a basement filled with boxes with beads.

Then, I rediscovered, through a friend, crochet and knitting. So now, I have a lot of boxes, filled with yarn.

Meanwhile I started sewing school. Each tuesday night, I go to classes. At this moment I'm sewing a skirt in class. At home I'm working on some smaller projects with these fabrics, I recently ordered and received.

Off course I do not have a craft room, so I claimed a few shelfs of our cupboard in the dining room for my fabrics.

What else ? Oh, yes, I am a big kawaii fan, I make my own stamps and like papercraft. But I am of the lazy type, I want to print, cut and have my artwork. Hooray for etsy !

And now, I discovered a new passion, embroidery !

I had seen all these cute designs over the net and decided to give it a try. So, I got a really good and free pdf - manual over here with the basics. They have a lot of other nice freebies to, you only need to register. Over at Lollychops , there was a whole week of embroidery with some very cute patterns and great tips. Check it out !

I bought me a hoop, a prym transfer pencil and some embroidery floss and got started.

This is my second piece (the first one is not worth the picture I'm afraid)

It really did not turn out that bad, I think.

So, what do you think, to much ?

I only have one problem. I seem to spent much more time deciding what to make than actually making something. Got to do something about that !

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Patty zei

I think you did a great job!